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English Medical Degree Courses

Study in Prague, Czech Republic
Anyone who is or has been involved with further education will know only too well the difficulties experienced by students wishing to pursue a career in the Medical and Dentistry professions. CMUCAS provide additional opportunities for capable students to study these professions at top Universities in the Czech Republic.

The numbers of places available in medical schools do not meet the strong demand and obviously this causes anxiety and disappointment for many very able students.

Those who have committed themselves to attaining a medical degree may find they have nowhere to go and no options available other than choosing a different career path to the one they really wish to take.

CMUCAS, English medical degree courses, Prague, Czech Republic

As a direct result of this problem a link was created with Universities in the Czech Republic, now at the heart of the European Union, for English medical degree courses.

The Czech Medical University Courses Admissions Service

This link, organised by C.M.U.C.A.S. (the Czech Medical University Courses Admissions Service, not connected with UCAS), now makes it possible for students to follow their chosen profession by obtaining an internationally recognised English medical degree qualification from one of several internationally renowned Universities.

These Universities offer medical degree courses of the highest quality which are taught entirely in English.

The scheme has been subject to much positive publicity from major broadsheet newspapers as well as from many other Universities, hospitals, renowned academics and medical councils.

Medical Degree Programmes

English medical degree courses are normally of a six year duration, but provision exists for very able students to graduate in five years in some faculties.

In terms of cost, the medical degree programme package is considerably cheaper than in other countries - including the U.K. - even if taking a six year course, since the fees are inexpensive by international standards and the cost of living is as little as 1/3 of that of the U.K.

Direct entry for the same year is possible following the release of A and AS level results in August, assessed by examinations and interviews held at the C.M.U.C.A.S. head office in central England.

An optional medical degree programme two-week revision course can help to increase the candidate's chances - please see the 'Student Guide' for details.

Further, it is possible to do a foundation course in one year at the C.M.U.C.A.S. - approved centre at The Abbey College, with a guaranteed place - subject to passing the end of year exam - rather than a two year A level course with uncertainty and possible re-sits, before applying for a medical degree programme.

Students may also study a foundation course alongside conventional A-levels, effectively opening up a range of further options whilst maintaining the offer of a guaranteed place. All C.M.U.C.A.S. Foundation Courses are held exclusively at The Abbey College.

All applications for all faculties must now go through C.M.U.C.A.S. We have a number of representatives worldwide who can assist candidates with advice and applications.

All applicants outside the U.K. and the Czech Republic must apply through these officially-appointed C.M.U.C.A.S. representatives for the English medical degree courses. For a list, please contact the Registrar.

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Medical Degree Programmes

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